Breastfeeding Tips For All Mums

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Breastfeeding Tips For All Mums

Breastfeeding tips can really be a life save when it comes to figuring out feeding habits of your baby. As a mum, breastfeeding can be a little overwhelming especially if you are completely new to motherhood. Therefore, getting a few pointers here and there can really be incredibly helpful. Even if you are an old hat at being a mom, useful tips on breastfeeding could provide helpful knowledge you didn’t previously know about. So, whether you are a new comer to playing mommy, or a veteran in the field, take a look at the Breatspumps & Beyond breastfeeding tips below.

Breastfeeding Tips For New MumsBreastfeeding Tips All Mothers Need To Know!

  • Don’t Time Your Feeds: Try not to time your baby’s feed. Rather, leave baby to suckle for as long as he/she likes, then move baby to the next breast . It is common for some little ones to drink more and less amounts in different sittings, so rather let them feed until they are full and satisfied.
  • Feed Your Baby, Not Your Freezer: Express after feeding to help build up a supply of breast milk for your freezer. You will then have a supply to fall back on if required when at work. Express at work to keep your milk supply up and at the times when you would have fed baby. Lots of new mums will pump madly, trying to fill up their freezer for when maternity leave ends. This may cause problems for you in the long run including blocked ducts, exhaustion and mastitis – which as you know are not ideal. You will really only need a little supply when you do go back to work, because its not like you’ll stop pumping all together when you do.
  • Use The Dad Card: Even though your partner can’t do the breastfeeding for you, it is good to tote him along to all the doctors appointments and/ or seminars you attend on the subject. Your partner may be able to pick up on things you miss out on, or remember certain points made by a doctor which you have forgotten. And extra pair of ears in the learning process is always great.
  • Don’t Be Scared To Ask For Help: if your nipples feel sore, ask for help. If you feel your latch is wrong, ask for help. Whatever the circumstance, it is better to ask for guidance on the breastfeeding topic than leave things until the last minute. Think about attending helpful seminars hosted by lactation professionals, such as the Medela Moms On The Go interactive workshop we hosted this weekend in Kyalami. If you’d like to receive information about the next workshop we hold, please let us know!

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