The C-Panty Explained: Everything A Recovering Mum Needs To Know About The Upspring C-Panty

The UpSpring C-Panty is truly a gift to all moms who have undergone a C-Section. A caesarean birth can sometimes be difficult to recover from. Therefore, having a helping hand to overcome your recovery can really work wonders for the body. Enter the UpSpring C-Panty range. This incredible line of underwear has been designed and patented specifically for mums who underwent a C-Section birth. Take a look below to discover all you need to know about the C-Panty range and why you should invest in a pair if you have opted for this birth.

Image of a pregnant ladyWhat You Need To Know About The UpSpring C-Panty

The C-Panty was developed by a C-Section mum and medical team. This incredible product was developed to help moms overcome a caesarean surgery effortlessly. The panty has been developed to provide your body with targeted, medical grade compression. This clinically determined safe level of compression helps your body to recover faster, as well as helps you to stay comfortable, reduces swelling and reduces your discomfort you would otherwise experience. On top of that, the C-Panty has also been designed with a built in medical grade silicone panel. This panel will help reduce and itchiness you experience, minimizes scarring and also helps prevent any infection in the incision area. Furthermore, the C-Panty design will reduce your swelling as a whole, support any weakened muscles and eliminate the incision bulge! Even more relieving is that this product is completely compatible with machine wash, meaning you can just pop your panties in the machine after use, saving you time and fuss. Now that you know what the C-Panty is all about, take a look at the different options below.

The UpSpring C-Panty High Waist

This design is perfect for all mums immediately post-surgery. The C-Panty high waist can be worn for up to twelve months post-surgery and will help you bounce back into action in no time. Be sure to purchase your pair pre-surgery and pack it into your C-Section hospital bag.

UpSpring C-Panty High Waist

The UpSpring C-Panty Classic Waist

The Upspring Classic Waist C-Panty is great for all mums who still need a bit of support around their incision and professional scar therapy in the lower panty rise. Be sure to pick up a pair from Breastpumps & Beyond now and feel support like never before!

UpSpring C-PAnty Normal Waist

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