The Story Of Isabel And Phillip: Twin Feeding Trouble

The Story Of Isabel And Phillip: Twin Feeding Trouble

My twins surprised us on the 16th of January at 35 weeks. Isabel weighed 2.59kg and Phillip 2.36kg. I was very fortunate to have my milk come in the same day. I expressed for them as they were in NICU. I was determined for them not to have any formula. I kept it going until they came home two weeks later.

Image Of Phillip Twin Trouble FeedingLittle Isabel latched like a pro as soon as she got home. Phillip was not so easy. He didn’t want my breast, just the bottle. Eventually I managed to latch him with a nipple shield. But unfortunately with the shield he didn’t drink well enough and with our 8 week check up, the paediatrician was really concerned. He weighed 3.5kg and Isabel 4.7kg. And you could really see the difference. He was so skinny.

Twin Feeding TroubleWe decided to put him back on bottle feeds with expressed milk. Isabel was 100% healthy so it was definitely not my milk or supply. I had to get supply up in my left boob. Because Phillip didn’t drink too strong, the supply dropped significantly.  So I phoned Breast Pumps Beyond to hire a hospital grade pump. I needed to up my supply and pump regularly. I had to express after every feed, otherwise Phillip wouldn’t have any food. For me formula was just not an option. I was very determined. Even if it meant being up for another 30-40min after every feed at night.

Twin Feeding TroublePhillip gained 1.25kg in the first 4 weeks. All mommies milk and very hard work. And at their 4 month check up he was 5.9kg and Isabel 5.8kg! He’s got the roundest little face with a cute double chin. I just want to tell all the mommies out there that they must never give up, ever. Try everything before giving up. Expressing is also an option and it is still 100% better than formula.

Twin Feeding TroubleI eventually got around to a lactation consultant and got Phillip to latch. He still isn’t drinking strong enough to be on the boob permanently, but it’s good enough if he still is a little hungry after a feed. Or when he is upset or just for comfort. So like I said, never give up! Try everything. Hope my story can inspire some other moms to keep on breastfeeding. Especially if they have twins. They can do it!

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