Why Are Nursing Bras So Important? Find Out Now

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Why Are Nursing Bras So Important? Find Out Now

Nursing bras are one of the most important items of clothing you will have in your pregnancy wardrobe. There are a lot of benefits to wearing a nursing bra, but more importantly, it will better your ability to develop and breastfeed comfortably. Nursing bras, also known as breastfeeding bras, come in all shapes and sizes, made to make you feel amazing whilst wearing them. Therefore, read on below to see why nursing bras benefit your body both during, and after pregnancy!

Why Nursing Bras Are Needed During Pregnancy

Nursing bras and pregnancy go hand in hand. This is due to the fact that regular bras just won’t suffice during this time. A nursing bra has the ability to grow and expand as your diaphragm will. Weather you like it or not, your breasts will begin to change quite dramatically whilst you are pregnant and having a bra to grow with you is key to your comfort. Normal bras come equipped with three hooks. Maternity bras come with a few extra, meaning you will be able to use them both during and after pregnancy. Furthermore, traditional bras come with underwire, which can be incredibly bad for your body. Firstly, underwires put unnecessary pressure on your soft tissues as they grow. Furthermore, in some cases, underwires can actually press on your milk ducts, leading to a blockage and potential infection.

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Why Nursing Bras Are Important Whilst Breastfeeding

When you are breastfeeding, a lot of the above-mentioned benefits still apply to your breastfeeding bra. But the most obvious benefit is the ease this bra allows you to feed your child with. You will be able to discretely breastfeed your baby without having to undress yourself. Secondly, whilst breastfeeding, your skin in the area will become incredibly sensitive. Therefore, having a bra designed to keep you comfortable during this time is a definite must have. Furthermore, thanks to brands such as Medela and Bravado, you will be able to purchase breastfeeding bras which allow you to feel sexy whilst being a mom. This is important for you as a woman, as you can often feel frumpy and unattractive in the first few months post birth.

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