The Benefits Of Keeping A Breastfeeding Logbook

The Benefits Of Keeping A Breastfeeding Logbook

Keeping a breastfeeding logbook can have many advantages for you as a mother. However, not many moms recognize the importance of doing so. This is a big mistake as you will be gathering valuable information as you log each feed. We will discuss the importance of a log book, how long you should keep it for, and how you can track your feeds below. Read on and ensure you are getting the most out of each feed from now!

Image of a breastfeeding log bookThe Importance Of Keeping A Breastfeeding Logbook

There are a few reasons keeping a breastfeeding logbook can be beneficial. We will discuss all the areas of importance now.

  • Feeding Frequency: this will allow you to get the hang of how often your baby is feeding throughout the day. It may also give you an indication timewise to when it is they get hungry. This can all be incredibly useful as a mom.
  • Feeding Duration: this will help you see how many minutes you are spending either pumping or breastfeeding. It will also give a good indication as to how much time is spent on either breast.
  • Soiled Nappies: knowing how many nappies your baby produces daily is good information to have. Keeping a log book will allow you to monitor how many wet nappies are produced a day, as well as dirty.
  • Weight Gain/ Loss: this will allow you to track your baby’s growth. Monitoring their weight will allow you to keep track of whether your baby is eating enough to make up the initial post-birth weight loss.
  • Feeling Of Breasts Post Feed: a log book will also help you keep track of how you as a mom are feeling. Make notes about how your breasts feel after every feed. This will help you address any concerns or queries at your next doctor consult.

Image of a log bookHow Long To Keep A Logbook?

The general rule of thumb in keeping a breastfeeding log book is that you should track your feeds until you fall into a routine. This will help you gain knowledge of your child’s habits and your body’s capabilities. Furthermore, if you have any feeling that something isn’t going as it should – i.e. your child isn’t picking up weight as they should – you can also log your feeds. Remember, keeping a logbook will help you understand if anything had changed in your child’s feeding pattern that could be hindering (or helping) their growth progress.

Image of a breastfeeding log bookHow To Log Your Feeds Or Pumps

There are many ways to monitor your feeds and pumping sessions. But we at Medela have everything you may need. You can keep it simple by noting down your sessions in a journal. But you may forget to note certain, crucial points by doing this. If you like the idea of keeping a physical logbook, download our feeding logbook right here. For any other breastfeeding queries, please feel free to contact Breastpumps & Beyond Today.

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