How You Can Treat Your Sore Nipples

How You Can Treat Your Sore Nipples

Breastfeeding is beautiful, and sore nipples can happen. But it comes with its quirks. Sore nipples just happen to be one of them. There are a few things you can do to help your nipples avoid discomfort. Read on below now to see what they are.

Image of treating sore nipplesTreating Sore Nipples At Home

There are really great, effective techniques to help you avoid sore nipples. We will discuss these below:

Incorrect Latching

This is probably the biggest cause of sore nipples. Incorrect latching is a situation where your baby hasn’t quite been able to latch on effectively. This will result in your child suckling on your nipple shaft as opposed to taking in the nipple and some areola. This can lead to cracks in your nipple which need to be treated immediately. Remove your child from your breast and inspect your nipple. If your nipple looks creased or drawn to a certain point, kind of like a brand-new lipstick, you have a latching problem on your hands. Try different feeding positions to try to help your child correct this. If that still fails, consult experts to get help to correct your latch. Breastpumps & Beyond can help you here.

What To Do After An Improper Latch

If your child has been suckling with an incorrect latch, you need to take special care of your nipples. The creases can develop cracks if this feeding continues. So, do the following post feed:

·      Express with a breast pump to remove any excess milk

·      Wash your nipples with gentle, antibacterial soap

·      Apply Purelan 100 to keep your nipples moist

·      Use Purelan 100 and breast shields for 2-3 days between feeds

·      Avoid breast pads as these can cause chafing

Hormonal Changes Causing Skin Sensitivity

Another cause of sore nipples could be the hormonal causes happening in your body. These changes could leave your skin feeling extra sensitive during this time. This is a natural occurrence and can happen to most new moms.

How To Handle Hormonal Skin Sensitivity

If you feel your body is reacting to a hormonal change, you just need to ride the wave. If you feel too sensitive to breastfeed, try making use of a pump during this time. This will help you establish a good milk flow, as well as avoid engorgement and infection. When your breasts feel less sensitive, you can begin to feed naturally once more.

Treating Sore NipplesAvoiding Sore Nipples

Now that you know the probably causes of sore nipples, you know how to avoid them. Be sure to always keep a tube of Purelan 100 handy. This will keep your skin on and surrounding your nipples moisturized, as well as correct the PH balance post feed. Managing sore nipples is easy, when you know just what to do. For any further assistance, don’t be afraid to contact Breastpumps & Beyond with any queries.

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