Get To Know A Bit About #ProjectMoM

Get To Know A Bit About #ProjectMoM

Getting to know about #ProjectMoM is a must for all South Africans out there. This incentive is something close to our hearts here at Breastpumps & Beyond. And something that should be close to the hearts of our entire country. We will shed a little light on this project below and you will be able to learn all you need to know about #ProjectMoM.

Image of #ProjectMoMWhat #ProjectMoM Stands For

MoM stands for Mother’s Own Milk, and we aim to share with the entire country why it is so important. #ProjectMoM is aimed at creating awareness and acceptance of breastfeeding and expressing. Many moms face two major battles when it comes to feeding. Firstly, the world is still not completely comfortable with the thought of a woman breastfeeding in public areas. Secondly, some moms may struggle to breastfeed at certain times for various reasons. #ProjectMoM hopes to educate South Africa on how important a mother’s milk is to the development and health of a baby. #ProjectMoM also aims to educate moms on how they will still be able to feed their child their own milk even if breastfeeding isn’t on the cards through expression. To find out all you need to know about this project, be sure you get involved today! But before you sign up, read on to see why mother’s milk is so very important.

Facts About Breastfeeding Everyone Should Know

If you aren’t pro breastfeeding, you need to read these facts. Breast milk can help your child in so many ways. Breastfeeding can even better the south African economy. Read on below to see how.

  • The World Health Organization declared breastmilk to be the ideal food for new born babies and infants as it contains nutrients which protect a child from various diseases.
  • Two primary causes of infant mortality, diarrhoea and pneumonia, can be avoided by breast milk through these antibodies.
  • Breastmilk is able to provide more than half a baby’s required energy needs when they are between six to twelve months.
  • South Africa has one of the lowest breastfeeding rates within the world.
  • Out of all reported sick infants in our country, majority of them are either born weak or premature, most of whom die.
  • The more women who breastfeed will decrease the percentile of sick infants based on their children developing better immune systems from the antibodies in breastmilk. This will then hep better the South African economy as less money will be spent on ill infants annually.

Now That You Know About #ProjectMoM, Get Involved!

There are a few ways you can get involved with #ProjectMoM. Four to be exact. And there is a massive need for support within South Africa, as you have read above. When signing up for #ProjectMoM, you will receive a badge. This will let SA know you support our initiative and what role you play within the project. The four support badges available are:

  • #ProjectMoM Ambassador
  • #ProjectMoM Mentor
  • Ask Me About #ProjectMoM
  • I Support #ProjectMoM

For more information on these various support channels, and to sign up for this initiative now, please visit the #ProjectMoM page by clicking here!

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