Understand Your Breast Development Pattern During Pregnancy

Understand Your Breast Development Pattern During Pregnancy

Breast development is an incredibly misunderstood topic amidst ladies. Most of us think our breasts stop forming once we hit puberty. Believe it or not, this is way off. Your breasts only fully mature after the age of 35, or once you get pregnant. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? This blog is dedicated to letting you in on the secrets your breasts hold and helping you understand their development throughout your pregnancy. Read on below ow to see what you can expect to happen when you fall pregnant.

Brest Development During PregnancyHow Your Breast Development Continues Through Life

So, since your breasts don’t stop growing in your teen years, why don’t they ever get bigger? Your breasts are actually some of the most incredible organs in your body. Every monthly cycle, your body builds a little amount of secretory tissue. Secretory tissue is the tissue used for milk production within the breast. Every month, more and more of this tissue is built into your breast. So, with all the tissue being built, why are your breasts not growing in size? During your monthly cycle, your breasts actually refresh the cells within them. This is why your tissue surrounding your boobs may feel tender or painful during this time. As you can see, from puberty your body is preparing your breasts to breastfeed. But what happens when you fall pregnant?

Breast Development During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, not only will a miracle be growing in your belly, but in your chest as well. Breast development during pregnancy is a phenomenal thing. From the end of your first month of pregnancy, the growth will begin. Firstly, your milk ducts within the breast will begin to increase as well as become more complex. Within your breasts, a feeding system begins to develop. During this time period, your breasts will begin to develop something else as well. Lactocytes, or your milk-producing cells, will begin to form in your breasts. During your pregnancy, you may also notice your breasts beginning to look slightly veiny. Do not be alarmed. This is due to the fact that at this time, the blood flow to your breasts will double. In a nutshell, your breasts will begin to form little bud-like glands, which will then turn to sacks to hold your milk.

Make The Most Of Maternity

Be sure you celebrate our body in all the developments it goes through during this time. If you have any questions surrounding your breast development, or would like to enquire about breastfeeding and expression before you pop, be sure to get in touch with Breastpumps & Beyond today!

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