Maternity Bag Must Haves For Your Hospital Stay

Maternity Bag Must Haves For Your Hospital Stay

When you’re packing a maternity bag for the hospital, your mind is often in a tizzy with excitement. Therefore, it’s easy to forget to pack the maternity bag must-haves for when it’s time to deliver! Maybe you don’t even know where to start and what you will need during this time. Apart from essentials like a toothbrush and face wash, knowing what to pack as a new mum can be confusing. This is where Breastpumps & Beyond Comes in. we are here to help you compile a list of maternity bag must-haves to make your life that much easier.

Image of packing a maternity bag#1 Maternity Bag Essential: Nursing Bras

Nursing bras are important for two reasons. Firstly, your body will be sensitive in this time. Your breasts may be slightly swollen and tender. So, the last thing you’ll need is a bra with an uncomfortable underwire in it. Nursing bras are free from all wires, allowing you the comfort you crave in the first few days post birth. Next, and more obviously, nursing bras make feeding time a heck of a lot easier.

#2 Maternity Bag Essential: Breastfeeding Friendly Pyjamas

Loose nightwear such as a night dress or loose pyjama tops is a must-have for you. Sleeping in these coupled with a night time nursing bra will make your first few midnight feeds that much easier. Plus, the loose clothing will feel super comfortable for you.

#3: Maternity Bag Essential: Breastfeeding Friendly Day Wear

Having a nursing vest can make a world of difference to your daily feeds. For the first few days, try and make your life as simple as possible. A nursing tank top will allow you the ease of feeding quickly and comfortably, making the first few days of motherhood a breeze.

#4: Maternity Bag Essential: Breast Pads

Most moms’ breasts won’t really leak during the first few days after birth. It generally takes a few days for your milk to kick in properly. But none the less, pack a few disposable breast pads just in case. Colostrum may leak from your nipple within the first few days post birth. Therefore, having a few disposable breast pads around is always a good idea.

#5 Maternity Bag Essential: Nipple Cream

Nipple cream, otherwise known as lanolin cream is definitely a maternity bag must have. Your breasts will be undergoing big changes. Within the first few days post birth, your nipples may feel tender. Therefore, keep the skin around them moist and keep yourself comfortable by packing a lanolin cream such as Purelan-100 for your hospital visit.

Get These Maternity Bag Must-Haves Today

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