Choosing A Nursing Bra: How To Fit Your Body

Choosing A Nursing Bra: How To Fit Your Body

When it comes to choosing a nursing bra, this may be a foreign concept for most ladies. However, it could not be easier! What if we told you, you could measure the correct bra size in as little as sixty seconds? That’s right, measuring your maternity bra size could not be easier. All it takes is a little calculation. So, get that pen and paper ready and be prepared for the most helpful minute of your life!

Choosing A Nursing BraHow To Take Your Measurements When Choosing A Nursing Bra

Measuring for a nursing bra is exactly the same procedure you’d use for measuring for a regular bra. However, you need to do this to make choosing the right nursing bra for your body easy. So, this is a helpful bit of info you can hang on to forever. All you will need is a pen, some paper and a measuring tape. Before you begin, make sure you are standing in front of a mirror, so you can see you are measuring the correct places. Also, put on a bra with no padding that best fits your body. You will only be taking two measurements; your rib cage and your cup size. Now, you’re ready to get measuring!

How To Measure Your Band Size

Your band size is the 32, 34, 36 etc. measurement of your bra. To measure this, you want to take your tape measure from your back. Pull the tape right around your waist so that it rests snugly underneath your breasts. Make sure that your fingers aren’t below the tape. Look in the mirror to see your tape is sitting parallel to the floor. Take a look at the chart below to see what band size you are according to your cm measurement.

Measurement (cm) Band Size
63 – 67 30
68 – 72 32
73 – 77 34
78 – 82 36
83 – 87 38
88 – 92 40
93 – 97 42
98 – 102 44
103 – 107 46

How To Measure Your Cup Size

Hold the measuring tape around your body at the fullest part of your breast (over your nipple area). In one hand, hold the tape measure to one side. With the other hand, gently push the tape measure down between your breasts to your chest. This will give you an indication of a more accurate cup size. Write down that measurement. Now, take that measurement and subtract your band size measurement (in cm) from it. This will then help you determine your cup size based on the chart below.

Difference (cm) Cup Size
12 – 13.9 A
14 – 15.9 B
16 – 17.9 C
18 – 19.9 D
20 – 21.9 DD
22 – 23.9 E
24 – 25.9 F
26 – 27.9 FF
28 – 29.9 G
30 – 31.9 GG
32 – 33.9 H

But Wait, That’s Not The Right Size?

As you’ll see on Breastpumps & Beyond, our nursing bra sizes come in your regular small, medium, large etc. sizing. But don’t worry about that! Take a look at this chard below to determine what size bra you need to buy for your size. Choosing a nursing bra has never been easier, get your hands on your new nursing bra now!

32 S S S S M M
34 S S M M M M
36 S M M L L L
38 M M M L L XL
40 M M L L XL 2XL
42 L L L XL XL 2XL
44 L L XL XL 2XL 2XL
46 L XL 2XL 2XL 2XL


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