How To Deal With An Uneven Milk Supply When Breastfeeding

How To Deal With An Uneven Milk Supply When Breastfeeding

If you are experiencing an uneven milk supply as a new mother, it can sometimes leave you feeling despondent. This is not always the case, however. If you and your child are coping with the uneven supply, there is no reason to fix something that is not broken. But if you are experiencing discomfort from the uneven supply, this could be a time to look into correcting your flow. The good news is that if your uneven milk supply in uncomfortable, the problem can easily be rectified. There is no need to stress over your milk flow anymore. Read on below now and see how you can easily deal with an uneven milk supply now and why you may be experiencing this problem.

It’s In The Tissue

Sometimes, one breast will naturally have more milk-producing tissue than the other. There is nothing wrong with you if this is the case. And there will be no discomfort experienced if you are this way inclined. However, in this situation, you also won’t be able to correct your flow. But since you won’t be uncomfortable as a result, this should not be a problem.

Differing Let Downs

Sometimes, your breasts will have different letdowns. One may be more forceful. Meaning your baby will suddenly experience a heavy flow of milk. This can often put them off, making them change to the weaker breast, leaving you with an uneven supply. In the same right, if your one breast’s let down is weaker than the other, your baby may favour the faster-producing breast as a hungry belly never likes to wait. Whatever the situation, if you have an imbalanced letdown, it is crucial to express in either situation. Be sure to express the full breast to avoid engorged tissue. Also, if you have a weaker letdown, expressing regularly will help you develop a more constant flow. You can also actively feed on the weaker side, and consciously favour this side to encourage a better, more equal flow.

Personal Preference

Sometimes, both you and your baby can favour one breast in particular without even realizing. This is why it is good to keep a feeding log book. This will allow you to keep track of whether you or our child develops a certain preference for either breast. If you are subconsciously favouring one side, actively try to keep your feeding equal. If your child is favouring one side, in particular, you may need to go get checked by a doctor to see if there is an underlying reason for this. Your child may also favour one side simply because it is easier to latch and more comfortable to feed on.

Previous Trauma Can Result In An Uneven Milk Supply

If you have had surgery performed on one of your breasts, this can sometimes have an effect on your milk production tissues. Unfortunately, there is seldom anything that can be done to change this as your tissue has been physically changed. This can directly cause an uneven milk supply. However, you should not be concerned should this be the case as it should not result in any discomfort.

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