The Link Between Oxytocin And Your Baby

The Link Between Oxytocin And Your Baby

Oxytocin is possibly the best hormone to produce within the rain. This is because no other hormone will make you feel as good as it can. It is literally known as the love hormone, as the best way to describe the feeling it gives you is being head over heels in love. This hormone is released strongly within the first few weeks postpartum, making this a magical time to bond with your baby. Below, we will reveal more on the link between oxytocin and baby, and the other surprising ways in which this hormone helps you as a mother.

Oxytocin and your babyOxytocin Throughout Birthing And Pregnancy

“Oxytocin is a peptide produced in the brain that was first recognized for its role in the birth process, and also in nursing,” stated Larry Young, a renowned behavioural neuroscientist from Emory University in Atlanta, GA. Believe it or not, this hormone makes an appearance during birth. And actually, plays a big role during this course. Oxytocin is released, causing your uterus to go into contractions, beginning the birthing process. Then, once your baby has been born, oxytocin is once again released by the brain, and aids in shrinking the uterus back down once more. during this time, oxytocin is one of the unsung hormonal heroes. However, where you will consciously feel the hormone at its best is during the first hour postpartum.

The Golden Hour

The hour after your child’s birth is known as the golden hour. This is because this hour is one of the most precious bonding moments you and your baby will share. During this hour, both mom and baby will be surging with an oxytocin release. This will heighten both senses, making mommy and baby susceptible to one another’s’ smells and feel. The golden hour is the perfect time to first perform skin to skin with your new born, as this will heighten the bonding even more intensely. However, if you miss out on the golden hour, for whatever reason. Fear not. There are other chances during the early days to build strong bonds through this hormone.

Oxytocin And Breastfeeding

There are huge links between the practice of breastfeeding and this hormone. Oxytocin is produced in both you and your child when you breastfeed. It is also produced through skin to skin contact. As you feed, you and your child will begin to bond thanks to the release of the hormone within each of you. Oxytocin really helps moms through pregnancy and the first few months of baby’s life.

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