How To Clean Your Portable Breast Pump On The Go

How To Clean Your Portable Breast Pump On The Go

Having a portable breast pump can be one of the most beneficial things a mobile mommy can own. But, how do you clean this when you are on the go? Breastpumps & Beyond have a few suggestions that should help you keep your equipment clean whilst on the move! Read on below now to find out what they are.

Image of a mom transporting her portable breast pump

Using A Microwave To Clean Your Portable Breast Pump

Medela makes a range of easy to use, microwave cleaning bags which work wonders for your pump. All you will need to clean your portable breast pump is a microwave and a little water. These bags can really make life simple. Whether you are cleaning your pump at a hotel you may be staying at for out of town work, a friend’s house or even in the office, the microwave bags will help you quickly and efficiently sterilize your pump. It only takes three minutes of your time and really is the best way to clean your pump whilst on the move.

Wipe It Down

If you do not have any microwave bags on hand at a given time, another great alternative is to use either breast pump sterilization wipes, or dummy sterilization wipes. These work wonders on getting the majority of the parts clean. However, keep in mind that you will still need to thoroughly clean the pump before its next use. Therefore, wipe down your parts to avoid a mess, but sterilize them as you usually would when you get home.

If All Else Fails, Keep It Cool

Remember, you are able to store your breastmilk in a fridge without it spoiling for a few hours. As such, you can do the same for your parts. If you have no other way to sterilize your pumps at work, use a Ziploc bag to store them, and place them into the fridge. Then, when you leave, transport them in your milk cooler bag. This will allow your parts to not spoil before you can thoroughly clean them at home.

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