Your Baby’s Possible Breastfeeding Personality

Your Baby’s Possible Breastfeeding Personality

Did you know that breastfeeding personalities are common amongst babies? Furthermore, did you know that there are five common types of personalities in breastfeeding babies? This information was discovered through a Yale University study conducted on the topic. Findings of this study were later cited within Your Baby’s First Year by Steven P. Shelov M.D., M.S. F.A.A.P. Take a look below to see if your child shows any of the common five traits of breastfeeding and see how to remedy them should you need!

Baby's breastfeeding personalityThe Barracuda Breast Feeder

The barracuda describes a child who waits for nothing. They go straight in, latch easily and begin to suckle. Their feeding generally lasts for between 10 – 20 minutes and is a solid, consistent feed. If you have a barracuda on your hands, consider yourself fortunate!

The Excited Ineffectiveness Breast Feeder

These babies generally get overstimulated before meal time. They get so excited seeing the breast, that they become frantic. Their feeding style is therefore incredibly erratic, owing to their over stimulation. As such, they will battle to grasp the nipple and suckle. As such, they will then begin to cry out of frustration. If you are dealing with excited ineffectiveness, you need to be sure to calm your child down during the feed. Comfort them with soothing tones and try to get them to relax. Another remedy for this is to feed your child as soon as they wake. This will avoid them becoming excessively hungry, and essentially moody later on when they can’t latch.

The Procrastinator Breast Feeder

This baby has a taste for colostrum. When they taste the milk is not actually this substance they become uninterested. Simply put, with this type of baby, you need to be persistent. Put them to your breast regularly. Another thing to try with this infant is to change your position. Furthermore, get advice on attachment issues as they may play a role in your procrastinating child’s lack of enthusiasm to feed.

The Gourmet Breast Feeder

Some children have a gourmet kind of pallet. You will notice these babies like to feed a little, sampling the milk in small portions at a time. However, when they have a taste for it, they begin to settle in to nurse easily. This may take a few minutes. If you notice this habit in your baby, be patient with them.

The Resting Breast Feeder

The Resters are babies who like to take feeding easy. they will suckle for a few minutes, then doze off for a few. Some children may even fall asleep completely at the breast for an hour, only to wake and immediately begin feeding once more. your best bet with these babies is to design your feeding schedule to allow for these abnormal times.

What Personality Is Your Baby?

Now you know the various breastfeeding personalities, which is your child? If you find that breastfeeding is not expressing your milk fully, be sure to express after every feed. This will help you avoid complications, and keep a nice supply for the feedings times which you aren’t available for.

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