Why You Really , Really Should NOT Buy Or Borrow A Second Hand Single User Breast Pump

Why You Really , Really Should NOT Buy Or Borrow A Second Hand Single User Breast Pump

So having a baby is expensive. I get that. I have one and another on the way. I also just got the updated school fees for 2019 for my son. Ouch!! With the cost of living these days, life can be pretty stressful. We have to cut back where we can and remove things we really don’t need, just to survive. There are certain things that are great to get second hand. We actually got out cot and compactum from a lovely friend for free. What a score, that saved us about R10 000 and all they both needed was a clean.  Second-hand clothes are also fantastic, especially with them outgrowing those cute little outfits every couple of months.

Why You Cnt Use A Second Hand PumpSo, why not Breastpumps? I am sure as tempting as it may be to save money in this department after knowing the facts, you will feel the same way I do.

First of all, not all breast pumps are the same. Hospital grade pumps like the Medela Symphony and Lactina work on a “closed system” meaning the milk never touches the working parts of the pump. You buy your own Kit for these pumps and you take that home with you and sterilise it as per instructions. Medela advises on the one kit one mom rule, which really makes sense. With personal use pumps the pump motor is open to contact the mother’s milk particles. The motor cannot be sterilised.  The scary part is that milk particles may be inside the pump without them being visible. So what’s the big deal? Your milk is perfect for your baby but before giving your milk to another mom, it would need to be pasteurized to kill any dangerous viruses. These viruses can be passed on to your baby and make the baby seriously ill. A mom may have a virus in her milk without even knowing that she is a carrier.

You may think a virus is no big deal but we are talking out HIV, CMV and more. These diseases can go undetected for a long period of time so the mom sharing or selling the pump may not even know she is infected yet. Another difficult thing to clear is fungal infections like thrush. Make sure to follow guidelines by manufacturers on hygiene and sterilisation to avoid this.

Don’t put your baby’s life at risk, it is not worth it. Either rent a hospital grade pump with your own kit or purchase your own personal use pump.

Tips for purchasing:

  • Always buy from reputable stores
  • Make sure your box is sealed
  • Follow all hygiene and sterilising instructions inside the box.

Do You Have A Pump You Are Not Using Any More?

Give back to your community this year. Bring your second-hand breast pump through to the Breastpumps & Beyond office, and we will pay it forward! We will not only destroy your old pump, but we will be giving out a brand new pump to a mom in need! For every pump we receive, we will donate a brand new, Harmony Pump to a mom in need in the Baragwanath hospital.

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