The Festive Gift Guide For Breastfeeding Moms

The Festive Gift Guide For Breastfeeding Moms

Finding gifts for breastfeeding moms can seem like a daunting task. Do I get the baby clothes? Is the baby old enough to be read to yet? Will my friend approve of this toy? All of those options are for the baby, not the mother! Yes, shopping for a new mom can be tricky. But we have good news. Stop pulling your hair out. Breastpumps & Beyond have the perfect little holiday gift guide for all breastfeeding moms. So, read on below now to make your festive shopping that much easier.

Gifts for feeding momsThe Ultimate Gift Guide For Breastfeeding Moms

Go from zero to hero by presenting your friend or loved one with the most thoughtful gift this festive season. Get gift inspiration below!

Fashion Forward

Picking up a cute yet breastfeeding friendly piece of clothing can really make for a great gift. This will be both thoughtful as well as a spoil for the mom in question.

Save Her Time

Sticking to the clothing idea (kind of), why not save the lovely mom some time by getting her a hands-free pumping bra? This will help her go about her day to day life, whilst not having to fuss over holding a breastmilk bottle whilst pumping.

Help Her Store

Every breastfeeding and pumping mom knows the importance of breastmilk storage. You can never have enough freezer bags or storage bottles! So why not gift her with a few of these items to help her store her milk?

Hydration Is Key

Breastfeeding moms will always have a water bottle in hand. Therefore, why not gift her with a really stylish thermos flask? This will help her keep a cool drink close by for those hot summer months but can also keep her tea warm for feeds in the winter!


Accessorize with pumping accessories, of course. Something we’d highly recommend as a gift for all breastfeeding mums is the stylish Medela Citistyle breast pump cooler bag. This tote allows moms to express on the go, and then transport their milk whilst keeping it cool.

Shop To Your Heart’s Content!

If you haven’t found anything that hits the shopping mark above, browse through our online store right here! But hurry, orders will be closing on the 19th of December! So ensure you fill up your cart and spoil her now!

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