How To Manage Holidays And Breastfeeding

How To Manage Holidays And Breastfeeding

Holidays and breastfeeding can often struggle to go hand in hand with one another. Particularly over the festive period. Generally, this time is filled with family, outings, travel, and a LOT of diet breaking. This can make breastfeeding a little trickier. However, there are ways to work around managing your holiday as well as breastfeeding. Read on below now to see how you can still lead a balanced holiday life whilst not neglecting your breastfeeds!

How to manage holidays and breastfeedingPlanning Is Essential

Just as when you return to the office, you need to develop a plan to suit your breastfeeding time during the holidays. Plan ahead. Make sure you know which events you’d love to attend, who you’d like to see and what – if anything – you’d like to drink. If you are planning on having a Christmas beverage which isn’t suitable for under eighteens, it is essential that you pre-pump and store your milk for the feeds which should happen after that time. Furthermore, putting together a pumping/ feeding schedule is essential for the holidays. This will free up your schedule by means of showing you when you will actually be available for events and outings.

Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

Whilst the festive season is definitely a time of sharing, remember that it is ok to say no as well. Having a baby changes every dynamic of your life and schedule. Sometimes, a last minute family lunch may not work for you. There is absolutely no reason you should have to hide the fact that you are breastfeeding around your family. Offer a new suggestion If you can’t make an event. Or invite them to a place where you’d feel comfortable feeding. Do not compromise your or your baby’s wellbeing for the Christmas guilt trip.

Take Some Time Off

By this we don’t mean giving leave notice in to your office (though you probably will be doing this any way). Take time off for yourself as a woman. Holidays can be an incredibly crazy time. Therefore, setting a little quite time aside every day for you can make the world of difference. Take a bath, read a chapter in an invigorating book, or even have a quiet little cup of tea on your own. Keeping yourself healthy mentally is as important as looking after yourself physically.

Enjoy Holidays And Breastfeeding To The Full

Remember, the holidays are meant to be a joyful time. Therefore, learning to balance your breastfeeding and holiday schedule is crucial.

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