How Breastfeeding Will Save You Money

How Breastfeeding Will Save You Money

Many people know that breastfeeding saves money, however, few know the extent of savings you actually get out of feeding your baby naturally. With it being the month of January, most of us are feeling the festive financial strain. There are the obvious saving factors but read on below now to understand why breastfeeding can save you more than just money in the long run.

Save money by breastfeedingThe Obvious Expenses Saved

Naturally, when you are breastfeeding your baby, you save big time on other meal substitutes. The average tin of formula retails in South Africa for around R250,00 per 1.8kg. a large tin like this will produce roughly 13 litres of formula. According to formula guidelines, after the first month, you should feed your baby 120ml of formula every four hours. By six months, your baby should be up to 240ml of formula four to five times a day. If you do the math, your baby will then be consuming roughly 1200ml per day, going through a large tin about every ten days. This works out to around R750,00 per month. Yes, this may not seem like a lot, but when you compare it to the price of breastmilk, which is free it is an unnecessary expense.

The Long Term Benefits Of Breastfeeding

Bove the obvious formula vs. free debate, breastfeeding your child will save you money in another way completely. Breast milk has been proven to carry needed nutritional compounds, which aid in your baby’s development. On top of that, breastfed babies have been noted to develop far less illnesses than formula fed children. Diseases which are lessened by breastfeeding include:

  • Ear infections
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Espiritory infections
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)

Breastfeeding Saves Not Only Money In The End

As you can see, breastfeeding saves you and your family more than just money overall. Thanks to this practice, you are giving your child a higher chance at a healthier life. Not to mention the emotional trauma it will save you should your child be diagnosed with a serious ailment. Therefore, get on the breastfeeding bandwagon now (if you are not already)! Sign up for #ProjectMoM and be the ambassador that this natural practice needs!

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