Choosing Whether Or Not You Need To Use A Manual Breast Pump

Choosing Whether Or Not You Need To Use A Manual Breast Pump

Choosing between a manual or an electronic breast pump can be a daunting decision for all new moms. However, you will be happy to know that it can be made easier by understanding what it is you are looking for. This blog is aimed to help all moms understand their own need and suss out whether to go electronic or keep things manual. Read on below now to see whether or not a manual breast pump will suit your lifestyle.

The Pros Of A Manual Breast Pump

Manual breast pumps come with a huge number of pros. Take a look below to see what these re and if they are things you have been considering leading up to your breast pump purchase:

  • Affordability: One of the biggest discerning factors is cost. Manual breast pumps are generally substantially lower in cost than electric ones.
  • Size: Manual pumps are also known to be small and easy to transport. They are generally easy to pack straight into your baby bag and are light enough to tote around in your daily routine.
  • Easy: A manual pump comes with far fewer components to clean and disassemble. This makes them relatively easy to clean and use, compared to the more advanced electronic pumps.
  • Quiet: Another big pro to a manual pump is that they are almost completely silent. Thanks to the absence of an electronic motor, they are probably the quietest pump a mom can acquire. This goes to say that electronic pumps do not make huge racket, but the manual is still quieter than these.
  • No Need For Electricity: Another obvious, yet really useful pro in favour of the manual pump is that it requires no mains, output or electricity. You can literally pump from any where!


The Type Of Mom Manual Pumping Would Suit

If you are looking to express only every so often, perhaps leaning towards once a day, a manual pump is great for you. A lot of mothers also like to purchase a manual before choosing their electric pump. Manual pumps are a bit slower than electronic ones, however if you aim for expression to feature as little as possible in your breastfeeding journey, then these are the types of pumps for you! Take a look at the Medela Harmony now. This little pump is on special for the month of February and incorporates the great two-phase expression technology you can expect from the electronic pumps in the Medela range!

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