When (And How) To Choose An Electronic Breast Pump

When (And How) To Choose An Electronic Breast Pump

With so many models on the market, choosing an electronic breast pump can seems like a daunting decision to make. Furthermore, knowing what you need can seem like an impossible question to answer. But, fear not. This post is aimed at helping you discern which type of electric pump best suits your needs. So, read on below now and find the answers you have been looking for

How To Choose An Electronic Breast PumpTypes Of Electronic Pumps Available

While there are a ton of different models on the electronic breast pump market, there are, arguably, two discerning types available; single and double pumps.

Single Electronic Breast Pumps

Single pumps are quite a common favourite amongst new moms. But this can be largely accredited to their price factor. Whilst double pumps aren’t hellishly more expensive, they do come at a higher cost than their single counterparts. Single pumps offer only one expression device, meaning you will have to pump each breast one after the other.

Double Electronic Pumps Available

As the term suggests, double breast pumps come with the option of simultaneously pumping both breasts at once. This offers convenience to the mother in question, mainly by halving her pumping time.

When To Choose A Single Pump

If you aren’t necessarily pressed for time, a manual pump is an incredible option. It offers you everything a double pump would, sans the double pump opportunity. A single electronic breast pump is ideal for moms who wish to frequently express, but don’t need to do so to a tight schedule.

When To Choose A Double Pump

A double breast pump is an incredibly amazing product. It offers you the convenience of expressing simultaneously, making the time and effort less than that of a single pump. We have found that this type of pump is particularly useful for moms who are going back to work. Instead of spending fifteen minutes a side, you will be able to express and bottle your milk in half the time in the office.

The Medela Freestyle Double Electric Pump

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