Why Breastmilk Storage Is Important

Why Breastmilk Storage Is Important

As a lactating mom, you should know all about the importance of breastmilk storage. There are a few reasons why this is a great practice. We shall discuss the pros to breast milk storage, when a mom would need to practice this and how best to do it, below now.

breastmilk storageThe Relief In Breastmilk Storage

Essentially, this is a double-sided point. Firstly, breastmilk storage brings literal relief to a mom. If your baby should not consume all your milk, it can leave you feeling engorged and swollen. It is highly recommended that all moms express after each feed should their baby not consume all their milk. But what do you do with the excess fluid? This is where your breastmilk storage comes in. You can now store away any excess and use it at a later stage! Waste not, want not!

Secondly, breastmilk storage brings relief to time constraints. Once you have stored ample milk, you will be able to thaw and warm these stored amounts to leave with your baby’s sitter when you won’t be physically available for a feed. Stored breastmilk can also be incredibly handy should you not be able to feed your child in certain cases of illness on your part.

The Pros To Storing Breastmilk

There are definitely a few benefits to storing your breastmilk. The notable points are:

  • Convenience – feed your child when you are unable to physically be present or cannot breastfeed for whatever reason.
  • Longevity – stored milk can be kept frozen for up to six months within a freezer
  • Travel – stored breastmilk can also be transported, making feeds during travel fuss free and easy.

How To Store Your Breast Milk Safely

One of the most convenient products on the market are breastmilk storage bags. The Medela breast milk storage bag range offers moms an opportunity to save their milk without ever having to worry about spills in the fridge or freezer! Furthermore, these bags are better designed for packing purposes. Unlike bottles which are awkward to store within a freezer, these can easily be stacked on top of one another. Furthermore, the Medela storage bags are easy to use and have been designed to be resilient and not break upon storage. Take a look at these awesome products right here!

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