You’re Nearly There! Things You Can Expect to Experience in your Final Weeks of Pregnancy.

You’re Nearly There! Things You Can Expect to Experience in your Final Weeks of Pregnancy.

It has been a long road but you are nearly there in your final weeks of pregnancy! You have moved on from the first feelings of excitement of finding out you are pregnant – through the congratulations and baby showers to the final few weeks.

Key Factors To Expect In Your Final Few Weeks Of Pregnancy :

  • You want this baby out! The fear of pain is outweighed by the desire to be un-pregnant
  • Nothing fits
  • Puffy hands, feet and face
  • People say you are ready to pop
  • You get the nesting instinct
  • You are so tired you are practically sleepwalking
  • You become extra emotional

By now you have had enough of being pregnant and just want this baby out. Some women even resort to extreme measures, eating spicy foods, going for long walks or taking castor oil (yuck!) to try and hurry up the process without even thinking of the labour pains ahead. But fear not, the last few weeks, albeit arduous, are not that bad in essence.

How To Reduce Any Swelling You May Be Experiencing In Your Final Weeks Of Pregnancy

Swelling can be affected by:

  • Heat
  • Standing for long periods
  • Long days of activity
  • Diet low in potassium
  • High levels of caffeine consumption
  • High levels of sodium intake

These can all be managed by a LOT of rest. Drink plenty of water to flush out your body. This will help by reducing the water retention (sorry about all the extra trips to the loo). Try removing caffeine and salt from your diet as well.

You Begin To Feel The Nesting Instinct Urge

The nesting instinct is strongest in your last few weeks of pregnancy. It can be triggered by:

  • Boredom and frustration from STILL being pregnant
  • Recognition that your baby is going to take up a lot of your time and energy and you want everything ready when he arrives
  • Excitement and anticipation of your new bundle of joy and the desire to have everything just right

While some mothers may feel the desire to paint the entire house, others may just want to ensure they have everything they need for their new baby. Whilst piling up on the goodies needed you may want to include the Medela Mini Electric Pump to assist with breast feeding.

Your Emotions May Run Rampant

Mood swings are a common symptom of pregnancy, However, the final weeks are on another level. You may find yourself wanting to smack your husband over the head after he leaves yet another dirty pair of socks in the lounge. As your desire for wanting everything perfect for the baby increases – so does your temper.

You have gone up a size from last week and have gone from being nimble and energetic to VERY pregnant. Your maternity pants dig into the lowest part of your belly making it feel like you are squashing your baby. Sitting is even worse leaving you gasping for air. That comforting belly band leaves you hot and itchy and only comes up half way around the belly. You refuse to waste money on more maternity clothes. Try a maxi dress in a size or two larger.

Do not stress – your baby will be here soon and you will forget everything about being pregnant.

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