How to Practice Self Care as a New Mother

How to Practice Self Care as a New Mother

When you’re a new mom, your self-care routine may seem like a distant memory. After all, how are you supposed to care for your needs when your baby requires your attention 24/7? How are you supposed to care for your needs when you’re consumed with brand-new tasks, such as changing nappies and breastfeeding? You’re exhausted. You’re overwhelmed. And you rarely get a break. It’s not uncommon for moms to say they have no time to even eat or shower!

But  – you need to care for yourself!  Here are a few tips for self-care as a new mother:

  • Shower or bath – it will refresh you when feeling tired.
  • Turn off all screens to regroup for 10 minutes – just breath.
  • Be mindful – enjoy the present.
  • Ask for help – friends and family are usually keen to help out
  • Treasure every moment – your baby is little for such a short time!
  • Sleep when baby sleeps – now is the time! Everything else can wait!
  • Move your body – even if just walking in the Mall!
  • Find community – you need to have people around you who understand how you feel.
  • Eat nourishing food – what you eat is what your baby gets to eat!
  • Keep Hydrated – especially while breastfeeding
  • Laugh at least once a day – it will make you feel good!
  • Buy postpartum clothes – you are so over your maternity clothes but still have an awkward size and shape so you need to be able to feel good and comfortable. A good purchase in the bra department is The Bravado Bra range!

Being a martyr and trying to do everything on your own will end up with you over-exhausted which is not good for you or your baby.  Look after yourself, enjoy this fleeting moment with your new born.

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