How to Prepare for the Birth of Your Child as a Father

How to Prepare for the Birth of Your Child as a Father

Whilst fatherhood is not rocket science, it is not always straightforward either.  Here are the tips you will need to get ahead of the game of being a good Father:

  • Attend prenatal appointments together – be prepared and ask questions.
  • Practice fear release exercises – write down what worries you and make a plan to conquer that fear
  • Cry it out – Men do need to cry – find a quiet corner and mourn the end of one type of life and then prepare to move on to the new one ahead
  • Hold a baby – don’t wait until you have your own baby to hold one – you will be scared of breaking him
  • Practice your  childbirth preparation – breathing techniques are going to be rough if you are only doing it for the first time in labour
  • Create your partner’s birth plan together with her
  • Pack your bag – labour may be a long process so have a few essentials at hand
  • Pamper yourself – do something that helps you unwind. Watch a movie you enjoy, allow yourself an hour of uninterrupted reading time, go visit a friend. But be sure to return the favour to your other half. Allow her to do the same whilst you watch your baby.
  • Know it could all go sideways – be ready for changes to the plan and don’t freak out
  • Have everything ready for your baby at home – car seat, a good supply of nappies and wipes and some frozen meals
  • Accept that to worry is normal – speak to others who have been through this for moral support
  • Make a support network of other dads who all understand what you are feeling.

Above all cherish every moment – your baby is small for such a short time and before you know it he will be heading off to school!

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