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Did you know, South Africa has one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world? This is a scary statistic indeed, especially considering the amazing benefits breastmilk brings. This is where #ProjectMoM comes in. MoM stands for Mother’s own Milk. The Breastpumps + Beyond Team aim to spread the word, and necessity of the importance of MoM, not only to feeding moms but nationwide! With #ProjectMoM, we aim to create a support structure for all feeding mothers by educating SA on the importance of MoM.  We will discuss a few benefits of MoM below. Also, should you choose to sign up for #ProjectMoM today, you will receive a free badge that you can proudly wear, showing your support for this movement!

Scary Stats In South Africa

Mother’s own Milk is vital in so many ways. Believe it or not, there is even economic value for South Africa in increased breastfeeding/expression. This comes down to the subject of medical bills. You see, there is a small percentage of frail, premature and sickly infants born each year. However, this tiny little minority makes up the huge portion of infant medical costs in South Africa. A major cost is being created by the minority. Furthermore, and sadder still, these little babies have an unnecessarily high rate of death. This is where the importance of breastfeeding and expressing MoM comes into play.

Why Breastmilk Is So Important

Breastmilk has been hailed as the ultimate medication for infants, year after year. There are a ton of benefits that go hand in hand with breastfeeding. We will mention a few below:

  • There is a direct link between the development of a premature baby’s brain and breastmilk. Prems fed MoM to their actual due date have reportedly developed faster than prems fed formula.
  • Breastmilk reduces your child’s risk of developing childhood asthma, childhood leukemia, gastrointestinal infections, type 1 diabetes, obesity and many more ailments.
  • SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome, is greatly reduced in breastfed babies.
  • Breastfeeding has also been linked directly to the development of a child’s facial features.

Breastmilk is basically the best course of medication you can give your child to equip them for a healthy, happy development. There are a ton of medical benefits to breastmilk. This will result in fewer babies becoming ill. Which will, in turn, affect the value of medical bills experienced within the country per year. Which, to end off this knock-on effect, will benefit the country’s economy for the better and we get to save babies lives at the same time.

So, Why Isn’t Everyone Breastfeeding?

To this day, there seems to be a negative stigma surrounding breastfeeding and MoM, particularly within the workplace. Busy moms rush back to the office and feel awkward discussing their boobs with their boss to put it lightly. However, we need to band together and support feeding moms, not only in the workplace but wherever breastfeeding is frowned upon.

This is the aim of #ProjectMoM. Breastpumps & Beyond want to create awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding for both moms, babies, and South Africa. We want to create a support group for all ladies who feel embarrassed by the thought of feeding or expressing their milk in a public place. Our aim is to share the importance of breastfeeding and expressing with ladies who just don’t see a need for breastfeeding or expressing anywhere full stop. We wish to inform family and friends of how they can offer support to a new feeding mum and why it is integral that they do so. And more than anything, we want to help save the little lives of babies who can be saved by the healing properties of breastmilk. So, if you’d like to get involved and be a hero to a newborn baby somewhere in SA, sign up below now to #ProjectMoM!

How You Can Get Involved With #ProjectMoM

We have four different ways in which the public can get involved with this initiative. We will discuss all four below. When signing up, please let us know what your choice is and we will send you a badge corresponding to your chosen avenue of support towards the project!

#ProjectMoM Mentor

Our mentor badges are for all moms and dads who have lived through the breastfeeding and expressing experience. This will allow you to become a support system for a friend or colleague who doesn’t quite know how to cope with this phase of their lives. Dads can offer their advice on how they supported their partners through this time. In the same right, same-sex partners can do the same by donning the support badge! Moms who have breastfed and expressed before will be able to offer insight to new moms who may be hesitant to begin the process or afraid of what others may think. This is your chance to make a difference in someone else’s life.

#ProjectMoM Ambassador

The #ProjectMoM ambassador badge will be given to three groups of people; an influencer within the baby realm, a professional such as lactation expert nurse or doctor, and celebrity parents within SA.

Ask Me About #ProjectMoM

If you have not breastfed or expressed, but have been moved by our movement, this is the badge for you. This badge will show that you have sufficient knowledge of the cause and that people can feel free to come and ask you questions about the project.

I Support #ProjectMom

If you totally support the project but aren’t much of a peoples person, this is the badge for you. You will be able to quietly express your support to our cause and show SA that one more person gives breastmilk the thumbs up!



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