“Dad” and “It’s A Dad!” – Craig Wilkinson (Two Book Special)




(ISBN: 9780620571319)


Fathers are the most important men in their children’s lives. A dad is his daughter’s first romance and his son’s first hero. What a man does with this incredible privilege will forever shape his children’s beliefs about themselves and the world and have a deep impact on the way their lives turn out.


DAD offers profound insight into manhood and fatherhood. Filled with rich, relevant, real life experiences DAD is an invaluable resource for both men and women. As a man it will equip you to be the man and father your children need you to be; as a woman it will help you understand the men and boys in your life and your relationship with your own father.



It’s a DAD!

(ISBN: 9780620710688)


Becoming a father is a wonderful, awe inspiring experience, but it’s also challenging, uncharted territory for most men. Living with a pregnant partner, choosing what kind of birth to have, knowing what to do in labour, meeting your baby for the first time and then then adjusting to a newborn child in your home and relationship is a roller coaster of emotions and changes. Equipping yourself for the ride is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child, your partner and yourself.


This practical, humorous and inspiring guide will take you through your partner’s pregnancy, the birth of your child and the early days of being a father. It will explain:

  • How to live with a pregnant woman
  • The physical and emotional changes your partner will go through
  • How to deal with your feelings about becoming a dad
  • How to prepare for the birth of your child
  • Different birthing options
  • Your role during labour and birth
  • What to expect when you meet your baby for the first time
  • How to handle the crucial first few weeks back home
  • Sex during and after pregnancy
  • What it takes to be a great dad

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